Commercial integration is the way of the future for both corporate and hospitality/retail settings. At Pauer Electronics we can set up your offices for full integration allowing for ease of communication within your office. Some of the services we provide in a corporate setting include meeting/board rooms, theatres, as well as video-conferencing technology. Image being able to give a presentation in the board room at the touch of a button. 

Within the hospitality and retail sector we can provide complete control of all electronics. From digital signage in a retail store to perfect music and lighting levels in a restaurant. Some of the services we can provide are full audio, video, and automation distribution systems, live sound reinforcement, as well as full security and camera set up. Whether it's putting on the game and making it heard and visible from every angle, or ensuring that  your building is secure at the end of the night, we provide highest quality product and service to meet the needs of our clients.


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Experience the power of Pauer.



Pauer Electronics has been in business for over 25 years, serving both Calgary and surrounding areas. We pride ourselves in providing custom tailored home automation solutions and high quality long term service for each and every client. 

At Pauer Electronics we design, install, and service whole home and commercial integrated systems. This includes but is not limited to distributed audio and video, home cinema, lighting control, motorized window coverings, computer networking, and security systems. Ease of use and reliability are factored into all systems we sell in order to establish an accessible system for all of our customers.

Our objective is to provide you the service, the entertainment, the technology, and most importantly, simple and intuitive controls for complete home control. 

All installations are performed by professionally trained and certified installers. We recognize the special care and attention to detail needed when building your perfect system. 



Imagine pulling into the drive in the evening and at the touch of a button the lighting, climate, and window coverings are at the perfect levels. Within the same app on your iPhone you can turn off your security system and tune your TV to your favourite television show. You can also check in-on the kids in their bedroom. Home automation allows you to control everything with the simple touch of a button. With remote capabilities, you can control your home from anywhere in the world, allowing for the ultimate control. 

How we work.
The way we operate is yet another reason that sets us apart. From the proposal, to the plans, to the final orientation, we provide extensive details to clearly define the project scope and t make sure you have a complete understanding the entire way. We listen to the lifestyle choices of the client and together create a suitable custom system. 
Our company will cover everything from design and planning, to pre-wire and preparation, to installing and programming. Service from Pauer Electronics never ends as we continue to ensure a lifetime of technological support .

Pauer Electronics